Photo Credit: Kevin Mccall/Instagram

We’ve been watching Kevin McCall during his Instagram Lives lately saying the same thing we always do, and that’s that he’s insanely talented, good looking and it’s a shame he’s fallen into this parody of himself wit his fits of rage, etc. he’s become known for lately. And just as we had wished him well, told him we were rooting for him to win, he ended up in jail again. Tuesday he was in court for custody of his 5 year old daughter he has with ex Eva Marcille which resulted in him and a police officer falling down an escalator together with McCall trying to beat the officer up. Now part of the point of a child custody hearing is to prove that you’re fit to take care of your child without putting them in any type of danger. Trying to harm a law enforcement officer isn’t exactly going to help your case.

Apparently McCall didn’t even make it into the hearing before getting into an altercation. He entered the Justice Center in downtown Atlanta on Instagram Live which is prohibited. When an officer asked him not to do it, he started using profanity and downhill it went. Eva went on The Real and addressed what happened using this as an opportunity to feel vindicated for what she’s been saying about him because a lot of people had been doubting the veracity of her claims. “This is what’s so crazy about it,” Eva began. “He was arrested going into court for a case he filed against me. More recently, he drew a suit against me for child support—which is amazing because he’s never given a cent and I’ve raised our child—but child support, custody, and…I’ve recently changed my daughter’s name from his last name to our family name which is Sterling, and he now wants to reverse that.”

Marcille wasn’t in the court room but she was telling her account of what happened while her husband was there. “I guess while [Kevin] was going into court he got into a fight with security because he’s crazy, like I’ve told the world a million times,” she said. “[He] apparently has some cases that were pending already. He’s on probation for domestic violence against someone else and so, that case is in a few months and now he’s being detained for something else, so…” And when asked if she spoke to their child about his arrest, she said she didn’t. And we don’t blame her. If you don’t have to have any conversations about prison with your children, why bother?

Now we’ve expressed wanting to see McCall to do better because he truly is talented. A lot of artists tend to be tormented people, but Kevin… dude.. you can’t be going inside of the courthouse threatening the police. If you want shared custody of your child, you’ve got to act sane in the months leading up to it. This stunt isn’t helping things. Now McCall’s bond went up from $9,500 to $11,500 after he failed to pay the original amount. Well at this point, whenever he’s released, for about the 18th time, Kevin Mccall needs to act right. Even Chris Brown got himself together. Given that the two were close at one point and Brown similarly was a wild child to say the least, those times are long gone. Now we’re just waiting on Kev.