Photo Credit: Bravo

Eva Marcille is the newest of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and has come in with a bang. Already on her first season she just got married to her mayoral candidate hubby Michael Sterling and is moving into a new house. And the wedding was nothing to turn your nose up at. At $1,000 a plate and an overall cost of a half million dollars, the fashion model truly got married in style. But that style, much like with the rest of the cast has come with its share of scandal.

To start, Marlo Hampton claims Eva had to scam through identity theft to pay for her wedding and was getting evicted out of her house, presumably because she was taking what would be her rent payments to pay for her wedding. Marlo’s allegations went on to include her using a false identity scam to get her car. “Her vehicle has a cpa or cpn quantity. That is some crooked way to get a vehicle.”

If you’re unfamiliar with CPN numbers, here’s what a consumer protection page said about it: Cpn schemes are promoted by corporations claiming that they can clean up credit and/or assure a credit score of 700-800 in a quick period of time.

These corporations obtain random ssns, which are run by way of public databases to establish their status. If they’re clean— validated as an active ssn that is not on file with credit bureaus—they are provided for sale.

The corporations are quite cautious not to contact these “social safety numbers.” they use quite a few names, all with an acronym of cpn, such as “credit profile quantity,” “credit privacy number” or “credit protection quantity.” but they are truly stolen ssns sold to buyers who are desperate to escape negative credit.

If the above seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. The crimes committed by engaging in such behavior include identity theft and producing false statements on a loan or credit application. To be clear, CPN numbers are legal. Using one that’s attached to another person’s identity, similar to a social security number is what’s illegal. How Marlo even knew what that was is amazing to us, but given that she has her own questionable past, that should be no surprise to anyone.

Then there’s the issue with the house she was living in. “I am hearing that [eva and her husband] are possessing a challenge with exactly where they are living,” Marlo said. “They are renting and they have to get out asap.” One of her bridesmaids happened to speak out as well about her finances. The anonymous bridesmaid called her a fraud living in a house belonging to a friend who let her film for the show. By the way, Nene Leakes did the same thing when the show first started. Her season one house was about 5x the size of where she actually lived. She said Eva was broke when she moved to Atlanta and was renting multiple homes she couldn’t afford to keep up appearances. She also said her husband’s credit was just as bad as hers. She’s allegedly fallen out with everyone involved with the wedding because of all the people she owes. The bridesmaid supposedly has receipts, had camera time and sent Eva on the defense at the explosive reunion.

And remember her ex, R&B singer Kevin Mccall? The one she has a restraining order against? He was there. When asked about the order on Twitter, he said it was scripted and asked multiple ones of his followers to show it to him if it existed… insinuating it didn’t. In fact, he said that the two of them have made up drama between them to make money and admitted that he played us all. If you think about it, the only time any of us have heard of either Eva or Kevin in recent years was when they were fighting. At one point he allegedly hurt himself over the demise of their relationship. That story never set well with us and never sounded right. Finally, after all these years it all makes sense. For one, he’s too hot to be going crazy over a girl, so to have made it up sounds a lot more plausible. We see you, Kevin. Make that money.

Ooh wee, a storybook wedding, modeling career, financial problems, eviction… it looks like Eva is fitting in just fine with the rest of the Atlanta housewives.