Photo Credit: Eva Marcille/Instagram

One of the biggest head scratching dramas of this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has been fashion model Eva Marcille and her abusive ex Kevin Mccall. In a March episode, she stated that her ex had caused her to move from house to house because every time she moves, he finds her. Co-star Marlo Hampton responded saying that he wasn’t checking for her like that and that she just got caught in a lie about her finances and why she’s had to abruptly move out of her home. We do have to say that Marlo has a point regarding the likelihood of her claims being true not to mention that that evening, Kevin went on Twitter saying they both agreed on a storyline that he was abusive so they both could make money. She’s also claimed to have had a restraining order against him, yet he was at her wedding.

Recent news reports about Eva’s ex have lent some credibility to her claims about his behavior. Monday, he was taken into custody and charged with one felony count of injuring a spouse of cohabitant. This came from a January 14th incident of which there aren’t any details available. He was released Tuesday on $750,000 bond. Is it possible this is a part of this media game he and Eva have been playing and they’re willing to go to this extent for publicity and she paid the $750,000 to get him out? It’s possible, but if she’s broke as people claim, that would be a little hard to imagine happening. Is it possible she was right all along?

Regarding the multiple restraining orders she’s taken out against him, she said on the March 30th episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, “I still feel a sense of threat,” said Eva, who shares a daughter, Marly Rae, 5, with Kevin. “I have had to move five times, and I still feel a sense of uneasiness. He’s just so petty sometimes. I’ve walked outside of my balcony before and he’s been standing in the dark. And it is the scariest feeling ever.”

She’s also claimed to have involved the FBI in her situation saying, “Every time I move, he finds me,” she said. “Because of that, I live in multiple places. Safety is a priority for me.” In response to these accusations, Kevin admitted that he had “anger issue,” and that he’s “completed anger management to deal with being alienating my children & how to stop playing the victim so that I can control my situation and the overall [outcome.]”

As for his arrest this week, his next court date to go over this case is April 30th. We’ll be finding out a lot more about this situation then.