Photo Credit: Evelyn Lozada/Instagram

In the most cowardly of moves, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada has filed for a restraining order from fellow cast-member OG Chijindu. It all goes back to taping for the show when OG pulled out text messages showing that her ex-husband, Chad Ochocinco was trying to get with her before. Completely flabbergasted, Lozada went into a rampage pounding her crotch with her hand saying God knows what. It was hilarious to watch, though. But the constant provoking of OG lead to her saying she would not only break Lozada’s jaw, but everyone talking about her. For a show that’s always breaking into fights and the one person who is always the center of these attacks, one would think Lozada would be able to take it just as she dishes it out.

A judge has not ruled on this restraining order request but there’s a history between these two. Lozada just filed suit against Chijindu for calling her a racist bigot on social media. That was in response to Lozada posting on Instagram, “Nobody watches you harder than the people that can’t stand you,” followed by a picture of a laughing orangutan. That’s universally seen as racist referring to a black person as a monkey. This was followed by Chijindu making a repost of what Lozada wrote saying, “Wow so now black women are monkeys. Everyone boycott this trash box you are disgusting.” She followed up on Twitter saying, “And there it your true colors you racist bigot. You called Cece ‘Ling Ling’ Jackie a ‘cockroach’ & now me a ‘monkey.'” And thus Lozada is suing for defamation.

Then there’s the fact that Chijindu said Ochocinco wanted to be with a black woman and not Lozada. Well, Lozada said in a subsequent interview that she identifies as Afro-Latina. To be honest, that’s not necessarily common knowledge as I’m sure many didn’t think she was black so Chijindu’s remark doesn’t necessarily show racist intent. The whole crux of Lozada’s anger is the fact that her then fiance was hitting up Chijindu while they were together and when confronted about it by Lozada, he sent screenshots of DMs after deleting what he wrote to make it seem as though he was talking to himself.

A petition has begun to have Lozada kicked off the show after she started playing victim as though she’s afraid for her life. The same woman who as Cijindu mentioned has thrown bottles at people, thrown drinks, flipped over tables, etc. has the nerve to fear for her safety. Chijindu simply said that as a trained fighter she could actually hurt her and not just talk trash and throw drinks like she’s used to. This is why you shouldn’t play with people because you might actually get hurt. This is proof that so much of what we see on that show is staged because there’s never actual intent to follow through and now there is a castmember willing to follow through or at least remind them that she can do it. We’re hoping that Chijindu gets to remain on the cast because honestly, this is the best thing that show has had in years outside of Tami Roman.