Photo Credit: Deandre Baker/Instagram

It’s been about 6 months since former Giants Cornerback Deandre Baker along with Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Quinton Dunbar were both close to facing life behind bars for alleged armed robbery. It was a May 13th cookout where a number of witnesses claimed to have seen the two in the act. Dunbar had been arrested for allegedly holding several people up at gunpoint and Baker was initially charged with 4 counts of robbery.

Things changed Monday morning when prosecutors announced all charges against Baker due to serious issues with the alleged victims and witnesses. the prosecutors stated three alleged victims had initially filed sworn affidavits “in which they asserted that three men committed a robbery with a firearm upon them and that Mr. Baker was one of the assailants.” The prosecutors then stated “the alleged victims and the known witnesses have become uncooperative and their credibility is inalterably tarnished.” One of the witnesses were even held in contempt.

The victims changed their stories saying Baker was present but didn’t rob anyone. Also, Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News said William Dean, an alleged victim that was arrested today was allegedly trying to extort Baker out of nearly $800,000. And if he got the $800,000, he was going to get the rest of the victims to water down their stories against him.

Throughout all of this, Baker is lucky to escape being charged but there’s no telling if he’s going to be let back on the Giants because he was dismissed from the team due to the investigation.