Photo Credit: Malcolm Drummer/Instagram

Malcolm Drummer’s a rapper that starred on MTV’s Are You the One Season 6 and Ex on the Beach Season 2, and as a fan favorite for his sex appeal, he has an OnlyFans account for selling adult videos of him. And why not? He’s proven from his time on MTV that he’s the type to throw it all away for. The first song he posted online 5 years ago was Give Her the D so it should be no surprise that people would pay to see it. One thing we noticed about him lately was that with Gucci Mane losing weight and getting his body right, these two are starting to kind of look alike. And that ups his sex appeal substantially along with his rap skills. Finding out your favorite rapper’s just as packin’ as they claim is better than any other Christmas present you can give. Well, not really but you get the point.

From his Instagram account it appears he’s dating a pornstar. Her name is Tanya Lieder and EverybodyLovesBarbie on Instagram and has said she’s lucky to have him. Anytime a pornstar says they’re lucky to be with someone, it must be good. At least that’s the story we’re going with. They make a cute couple. And even though the majority of the videos of him tend to show him teasing just the base, maybe we’ll get a couple of them. Maybe it’ll go on our Christmas list for next year.

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