Derek Trammell is a fitness model who just like the slogan of the workout supplements Alpha Source he promotes, “Start You, Finish Alpha”, is exactly what he’s done. He’s a guy that works in healthcare who can be seen wearing scrubs on social media with the occasion of taking them off for a shirtless selfie. In one post he took a dressing room pic saying he was shopping for pants and seemed shocked because he said he’s always in his briefs lol. Nothing wrong with that and it doesn’t appear anyone’s complaining.

This week for Valentine’s Day he popped up at his girl’s job to bring her a ton of balloons and flowers hashtagging the pics with #SurpriseYourWoman and #MakeHerTheCenterofAttentionAtHerWorkplace. He’s a mama’s boy as well and a perfect example of a gentleman as he helped his mother move this week. In one post he talks about doing things men should do as far as being able to fix his girl’s car, cutting grass etc., all things he learned from his father and granddad pointing out that this generation kind of sucks. We completely agree with him.

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