Antonio Brown is a recently elected city council member in Atlanta that serves as the youngest on the council and first openly bisexual. The latter is surprising considering that is Atlanta but both are accomplishments as politics, especially in major cities tend to not lend themselves to young people and being openly gay or bisexual isn’t exactly a top electable resume point. Discovering the Brown had been elected to city council actually caught us by surprise because we came across him years ago online during his time as a fashion designer.

He has Jason Derulo as a brand ambassador for his luxury brand LVL XIII (Level 13) and although he’s an Atlanta Councilmember now that has previously ran his business out of New York City, he deserves a shoutout for the couple years he lived in DC, where we’re from. And the crazy part about it all is that he did not go to school for fashion and previously worked in finance. He says he googled “How to start a footwear brand” and proceeded to make $500,000 in sales. He went on to launch in Fred Segal and Gregory’s to start. Brown definitely has the golden touch and we can speak from experience that just a few viral shirtless pics of him had us asking, who is this man, and here we are covering him and celebrating his new position in politics.

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