Today’s eye candy is New York rapper, producer and workout expert Brandon Carter. We originally discovered Brandon Carter in the Myspace days covering him for the now defunct after he released his self produced album near a decade ago. Listening to the album titled South Side Bravado, it is evident that he is quite talented as a producer. He’s since left Chicago for New York focusing on his fitness career.

Not many are as blessed to be as multi-talented as Brandon is, who has worked as a model for Nike, Puma, Addidas and Men’s Health, among others. He’s also had an Amazon best selling book, Ultimte Cuts: 7 Secrets to Burn Fast as Hell. He’s currently Marketing Director for B&B Sports Nutrition working as product manager of Tea Rexx Fat Burner. Now we have to state that the last time we covered Brandon, he let us know that he felt our last piece objectified him, so we’ve promised not to do that this time. Also, just for fun we dug up an old favorite of ours, a video he did from his mixtape The Audacity of Dope in ’09 that we just cannot resist sharing.

Glitzers, let’s support our Brandon by following him on social media below. He has over 30 million views on his YouTube channel and over 1 million Facebook likes but we’re sure he’d appreciate it.

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