Photo Credit: Steve_TooFit/Instagram

Steve Too Fit’s one of those rare Instagram profiles you see where all of their off casual videos all look like they’re in the middle of a photoshoot because he’s just that damn good. If there was ever proof that the skinny jean, man bun metrosexual phase was over, he would be proof of it. And if you don’t believe us, take a good look and your mind might be made up. While A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa might make for cute couples, no one’s ever fantasized about a guy in too small pants… and if they did, we can guarantee their fantasy wouldn’t match up with the one you could probably have with this guy.

He says he exercises “stress free living.” He had a video getting out of the pool quite um, pronounced which one could say he knows how to take stress away, if you know what we’re getting at. He has a daughter who has combed his beard in videos which probably means he’s single because that’s part of your girl’s duties while in a relationship, combing your man’s beard. Psst. Always keep your seat clean. And lastly, he’s referred to himself as ugly repeatedly. We rebuke that lying spirit in the name of Jesus. There is nothing ugly about this man. Besides, we peeped he has a pic of himself on his wall at home. Ugly people don’t do things like that.


Photo & Video Credit: Steve_TooFit/Instagram