Photo Credit: Guapo Vince/Instagram

Guapo Vince has a great story in how he’s transformed himself at a young age, turning himself into a brand and being an inspiration to others. He started hitting the gym at 18 and already found himself 30+ pounds bigger a year later on a model status. And he doesn’t have to model for anyone else as he has his own clothing line, named In My Bag. He models his own line and he might as well because when you’ve got it, you’ve got it. He has a girl that’s just as good in front of the camera as he is who helps in modeling the women’s items as well. The two have been referred to as #RelationshipGoals and who could blame them? She has a man who’s done well for himself and pretty ahead of the game with his brand much sooner than a lot of other social media celebs and built a profitable brand all on his own. And it’s all praise that’s well worth it. We couldn’t scroll past him another day without including him in our Eye Candy section.


Photo Credit: Guapo Vince