We have to first say that Style Bell is a very impressive guy. Aside from meeting the criteria of being strikingly handsome and a great body, he’s got a solid body of work to his name. A lot of times we’re hesitant to cover some people for the Eye Candy section because bios are hard to come by these days. Instagram accounts are about as much as you’re going to get out of someone and who feels like digging through those? But in the case of Bell, outside of his looks he’s he describes himself as an advocate for change who travels the world involved in philanthropy. He’s given out thousands of meals with his partnership with My Friends House LA Foundation, work that’s allowed him to win Humanitarian of the year for North America and The Black African American History Day Community Service Award.

As for what you can expect from him in the event you seek his service, he offers 1 on 1 coaching, a workout routine, meal plan, grocery list and snack ideas. Personally I like the last one. Listen, when the cravings hit, they HIT. lol But not only is he someone with an enviable body, his resume’s just as desirable. He says he built a 7 figure business by age 30. That means that we first didn’t know he was 30 because you’d never know it but when someone has done that type of work and is offering business and life tips, it would behoove you to listen or at least give them a follow on social media.

Check out our latest Eye Candy pic Sir Style below and don’t forget to follow him on social media as well.

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Photo & Video Credit: Sir Style/Instagram