Photo Credit: Spence Crosby/Instagram

Spence Crosby’s a fitness model in Michigan who takes what he does seriously. From calisthenics to modeling to taekwondo and bodybuilding. He also talks about the importance of being an impact on society by inspiring others. He’s big on self-reflection and shares his journey for others to see that he experiences some of the same moments of weakness, not being in the mood, etc. He just had his first ever bodybuilding competition a couple months ago where he placed first in Men’s Physique in the True Novice Division. And instead of someone who just hoards institutional knowledge, he has plenty of do it yourself workout videos from how to get a bigger back to 5 minute fat burning and 6 pack ab videos online. He even talked about losing 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Now if that doesn’t spell dedication, I don’t know what does.

The elephant in the room is that he’s a very articulate person. I almost hate saying that because it reminds me of how that compliment Obama was given was turned around as some type of passive insult. But there’s a stereotype about models that he doesn’t fit by far. He’s an extremely positive person and someone you actually want to listen to speak for encouragement’s sake and not just to look at. We’re hoping to see more of him because having the combination of him in the looks department with his body, face, fitness training and being a good speaker shows that he has a lot of promise.