Our latest eye candy is 36 year old Miami fitness model Bain, better known as Black Raw of Black Raw Fitness. The goal that he says he has as a fitness trainer is to educate and help others build themselves physically as well as mentally. He’s helped countless people change their lives through fitness and has expressed to us how grateful he is for all those that helped promote his vision.

Later this month Bain will be traveling to Chicago on February 27th for an hour and a half class on functional exercises, ab blaster, toning tips and education on proper foods to eat for a healthier lifestyle, with proceeds going to The MasterSelf Campaign. More details are located at www.EightyNinePlusOne.com If you can’t get enough of he appears in his own 2016 calendar, the first in a series from LovelyLocs, which can be picked up here. He’s also working on a book and dvd for those who can’t train one on one with him due to their location.

Glitzers, check out our eye candy model of the day, Black Raw of Black Raw Fitness below:

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