Photo Credit: Cassius Graham/Instagram

Cassius Graham’s a fitness and wellness coach in Houston, TX that’s regularly appearing in Instagram memes with him being everyone’s eye male crush. One that stood out was a meme asking would you let him stay over after making you 😌. It looks like some women have some high expectations for what they want out of him. lol He also appears to be single. He say he likes women who do their makeup in the mirror listening to trap music. So cue Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen. He’s also taken pics lacing up timbs so it looks like he’s got a little hood boy in him if the trap music playing girl wasn’t evidence enough of that.

He started modeling not long ago for his friend who owns Th3Goat Apparel and it was the attention he got from that that gor him signed to an Atlanta management company as a model. And we have to add that wearing shirts with “The Greatest” spread across your chest should only be reserved for people with bodies like his which truly are… the greatest. Just saying. Outside of modeling he’s a hardworking guy. In his first magazine feature with Voyage Houston he said he worked 3 jobs to pay for college. Listen… We’ve been there done that and anyone who can pull that off has earned our respect. During his senior year he broke two school records and finished top 2 in my conference and top 15 in the Nation for Track & Field. And he says the best advice anyone has ever given him is to smile through whatever you’re going through. Sidebar: I remember working those 3 jobs and one of them was 90 minutes away many moons ago. Never again.

And lastly, for the women who’ve been checking him out, he cooks and we happened to catch one of his pics that were captioned with “The deeper the ocean, the deeper the pain.” I don’t even know what that means but all we heard was deep, ocean and pain in the same sentence and now we have questions. So you’ve got a guy capable of being deep, bringing pain in the ocean and who sells high intensity interval training (HIIT)… 🤔 That sounds like a lot of fun right there. lol

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