Photo Credit: Arliss Ford/Instagram

Arliss Ford’s our latest Florida Eye Candy who just turned 25 the other day. From weight training to calisthenics and his dreads, he makes for a great bit of eye candy to look at. Before his birthday he took a gym body pic saying he wanted to finish 24 off strong and we’ve got to say he did better than that to say the least. He said even on the days he doesn’t feel like it he works out. True story: So help me, before publishing this, I got on a treadmill and got back off for not being in the mood. Oh well, we can at least look up to him for now. He took a pic outside once saying he didn’t need a nice background, hashtagged it with #YouMakeThePic and you know what, he’s absolutely right. For one, he would look great in any setting but he is definitely #BodyGoals.

He’s modeled for the brand FitLivesMatter but somehow has managed to call himself ugly once which we we don’t think anyone believes. (We’re going to have to fight him over that comment.) But he doesn’t have to try hard with his clothes because a t-shirt and joggers would clearly have him print ready. It reminds us of a model we heard speak years ago who said he started working out so he could spend less on clothes. Similarly, he looks good in anything so problem solved. And did we mention that he’s not someone who just started hitting the gym to look the way he does? From history and what we can see, he’s always looked like this which makes him that much hotter. Remember guys, consistency is sexy.

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