Dante Thomas, Jr. is a Northern Virginia football player and our latest Eye Candy pick. We were torn at first on whether he should have been Eye Candy or a part of our #PrettyFaceChallenge category. He kind of fits both and a recent pic of his abs caused us to stop procrastinating on covering him. Well, it was that and the number of girls commenting on his page saying “I need to make him mine” that made us realize we probably should have gotten him on the site some time ago and of course as a varsity football player that’s nothing he isn’t used to hearing.. having girls grovel over him, that is.

Dante’s got a unique set of looks and one thing he’s willing to do to stay in shape most of the rest of us aren’t willing to do is going mountain climbing which we’ve seen him out doing multiple times. From a fellow person from the DC area, I’ll say this… WE DON’T CLIMB MOUNTAINS. And it’s mostly because we don’t have any here so if you’re willing to do that, my hat’s off to you. What we CAN say about Dante though is he’s definitely someone we’d like to see more of whether it’s in sports, modeling, he’s someone who belongs in front of the camera more.

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