Photo Credit: GoodGuyGee/Instagram

GoodGuyGee’s a virtual trainer in Miami and our latest Eye Candy pick. Known for his abs and bulk for a fee you can get the same in monthly virtual training sessions by text, facetime and calls. He’s 5’9 but says his grind is 9’2. He’s quoted Big Sean by saying, “They not gon make it easy for us in this game and they never will” showing he’s got a strong sense of grind. And since he’s forever posting thirsttraps he decided to rep an underwear brand because at least that way he’s got an incentive to keep the eggplants coming. Some of the brands he’s promoted are Rovux athletic footwear and contests for the watch brand iTouchWearable. He’s long been overdue for us to cover and we thought we’d do that before the GoodGuyGee turns into a bad guy… but then some of you might like that. (Okay, we admit that was a little corny.)

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