Eltony Williams stars in Tyler Perry’s If Loving You is Wrong which in and of itself is a compliment because Tyler Perry’s productions always have the best looking men in them. And there we have the reason he’s one of our featured Eye Candy models. The show had the biggest debut on Oprah’sOWN Network, topping The Have and Have Nots. His character, Randall by definition is hot as he’s a married doctor (which, by the way, aren’t the most attractive men always married) and then in his real life his parents are from Kenya so he has that going for him. Just ask the women from the Real Housewives of Atlanta what they think of African men. At one point it seemed they all were dating one. He recently celebrated the wedding of costar Denzel Wells last December. No word if he’s in a relationship but if so they’ve got someone special.

Glitzers, check out our latest Eye Candy model Eltony Williams below:
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Photo & Video Credit: Eltony Williams/Instagram