Photo Credit: Austin Dotson/Instagram

Austin Dotson’s a fitness model in L.A. that’s a Sacramento State graduate who describes himself as a hybrid athlete and influencer. Between his football experience and how great of shape he’s in he’s certainly an influencer. He has a video where he’s jumping straight on top of a car so his atheletic ability is on par with the best. We’ve seen him say once on social media “Nobody cars, work harder” and he couldn’t be anymore truthful. One thing’s for sure, in looking at his body he definitely follows his own advice and works as hard as possible. In watching him work out, the only way we could think to describe some of his routines is that that’s insane. Upon further research he says he has a “mind of a maniac.” And only a maniac would attempt any of what he does but it’s clearly working. He runs Dotty Fitness which we’re sure he’s got to a steady flow of business because well, the evidence of what he can do is right there and it’s quite impressive. He also says to be phenominal or be forgotten… and phenominal he is which explains why we’ve made him our latest Eye Candy pick.

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