Philly Montanaa’s a Mt. San Antonio College student and track star that’s living his best life in L.A. now. If you’re on Instgram, you’ve likely seen him in one of those “Who would you rather” posts next to his other track team friends. He’s called himself the furthest thing from perfect but after being in a number of memes being compared to a Hershey bar, he isn’t too far from it. I mean, he’s got random girls saying “I love you” on his Instagram for Christ’s sake. Besides track and field, he’s a rapper and he’s recorded with another member of the track team, Tyskinn. The two did a Q&A together where Philly was asked a few um… interesting questions. They ranged from career questions to what their favorite position is. The answers are quite entertaining to say the least.

Glitzers, check out our latest Eye Candy pick Philly Montanaa below:
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