Photo Credit: Mukulu/Instagram

Ugochukwu Nwenyi aka Mukulu is proof that lawyers don’t have to be boring. The sports and immigration law firm CNA Legal describes him as a practicing lawyer and a skilled negotiator with corporate law practice being his field. He’s also listed as one of the owners of Mukulu & Associates. He just celebrated a birthday on Christmas Eve. And being that he’s quite the catch from looks to his resume, we’re sorry to report that he appears to have gotten married in 2020 and has a little kid to show for it as well.

If you’re wondering he’s gotten into the shape he’s in, he wrote on Instagram, “Loosing weight is not complicated at all…just reduce your calories intake and increase your calories activities…even with less work you will see great result, I rise.” He said, “To be in shape, it requires commitment and consistency.” And finally, here’s one he suggested we bet works perfectly. He said, “Turn your head to the left. Turn your head to the right. Repeat this exercise whenever offered food.”

He also acts as well. He was in Once Upon a Heartbreak, produced by Susan Jimah with screen stills on his Instagram page. He played a financial crimes detective in Symphony.

Ugochukwu Nwenyi aka Mukulu is our second #LawyerBae. The first was Casear Chukwuma, also a Nigerian. He works in Broward County as the Founder of CHR Law Group, PLLC. Prior to that he was an Assistant State Attorney for a few years. We think Mukulu’s doing a pretty good following in his steps holding the title of #LawyerBae. What do you all think?

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