Photo Credit: Jarek Crew/Instagram

We were just asked about our Eye Candy and if we still did it so we had to immediately jump right on it. By the way, #FedexBae we covered earlier in the year was kind of hard to top. He deserved the extra shine. Now these Eye Candy picks are people are who we’ve followed for some time, some have been covered by us before which means we already knew they were fine but the haircuts just multiplied that actor a few times.

Mike Jr aka MJFitWorld:

The first is Mike Jr. aka MJFitWorld. He’s an athlete in Texas we came across from another model we wrote about a whopping 3 years ago, Shapiro King’s page. In fact, he was a part of a piece we did on an “Eye Candy Trifecta” where we couldn’t pick just one so we wrote about all 3 friends. Of course this was before we came across MJ. Now MJ was fine with locs but we had to stop and do a second take when he cut his hair. Now if he were to grow his hair again, we’d probably want to fight. Also, we decided to include more pics per model in this article and he’s the reason we chose to¬† do so.


Jarek Crew:

Next we have bodybuilder Jarek Crew. We’ve said before we’re not always the biggest fan of bodybuilders but Jarek’s got the it factor and we covered him before as well. His locs really looked good before but cutting them gave him that grown man sexy look. Sidebar: Go to his Youtube page and listen to his talk. He has quite the sexy voice. And his lips aren’t bad either. wink. He teached bodybuilding poses. And back to his voice, we’ve been listening to him talk just now just because.

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Shamoy Persad:

And lastly Shamoy Persad is a 26 year old model from Saint Thomas. He’s known for his long wavy hair which was quite iconic and unique for him. We were actually torn on this one but when he cut his hair, we realized, he’s someone who could rock just about anything and look amazing. And after getting the original low cut, he’s grown out to show his curls which still look amazing. He was last a PopGlitz Eye Candy pick about 5 years ago as well.