Photo Credit: Eric Nicoleau/Instagram

Eric Nicolea is a fitness model in Miami and our latest Eye Candy pick. He’s known for his 2 month transformation program where he has a list of people in his ResultsbyEnics program that have completely transformed their bodies in just a couple months. One of the most attractive qualities in a man is the ability to bring about results, which he does. He’s also far from a dumb jock. He has a podcast and states on Instagram the importance of exercising the mental and not just the physical.

We’ve advised others on how to effectively use social media whereby people are interested in what they’re doing and saying. He’s a good case study in the sense that he’s not only showing results as a marketed fitness trainer, he’s both easy on the eyes and entertaining to listen to speak… and his sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. He joked recently about becoming someone’s work husband. If he doesn’t stop playing that’s very likely to become true lol.

Glitzers, check out our latest Eye Candy pick, Miami fitness model Eric Nicoleau below:
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