Today’s eye candy selection is 25 year old undefeated mixed martial arts fighter Aljamain Sterling. He’s currently seen as possibly the threat for the top spot that no one sees coming, similar to that of fellow member of Team Serra-Longo, current middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

“My current situation is almost reminiscent of Chris Weidman‘s scenario,” Sterling said in an exclusive interview. “He was that undefeated guy coming in and no one really knew who he was yet, but it was clear the guy was very good and talented. But people weren’t sold on him getting the title shot againstAnderson Silva, then a whole bunch of injuries kind of played to his favor. He ended up being the guy to get the shot and he ended up being the guy who shocked the world despite being a crazy underdog to the fighter people considered the greatest of all time in Silva.

“I think I have a similar storyline. I’m traveling the same path, and if the opportunity presents itself and makes sense, I’m going to jump all over it. I’m going to jump on the opportunity and ride this thing out. You never know what is going to happen in this game. Injuries pop up and other things keep you on the sidelines and you have to take what opportunities you can. If that opportunity becomes available for me like it was for Weidman…I’ll take it.”

The former Saks Fifth Avenue shoe salesmen came from a family of 20 between his father and mother which gave him his drive to stand out. His original plan was to be a basketball player, but considering his height (now at 5’7″) that clearly wasn’t going to happen. Coaches geared him more towards fighting and the rest since then has been history.

Glitzers, watch Aljamain Sterling circuit training and dancing below: