Photo Credit: Swaggy Mo/Instagram

If you’ve ever had a craving for chocolate, then mode Mohamet Mbaye aka Swaggy Mo is your guy. A student at State University in New York, he has a Youtube channel and is pretty entertaining to watch. Now I’ve spent most of my adult life working with people from other countries and am happy to say that the video he recently shared on Instagram about the stereotypes people have about people from Africa, having cheetahs in their backyard etc., I’ve known better than to ask any of that. 🙂 Of course it takes a good sense of humor to be able to make light of those types of conversations and sadly, some people don’t know any better.

And speaking of sense of humor, in one of his videos, he asked a girl to rate his looks A-F and her response was, “are you really black like that?” And yes, it was a black person who said that. *face palm* He’s also appeared in the 2018 G.R.A.C.E. by Queen E. Collection lookbook, and recently was nominated for Model of the Year with the African Entertainment Awards USA. He catalogs his modeling and media career for all of us on Instagram and shares his fitness journey for those looking to get like him or just wanting to satisfy their chocolate sweet tooth.

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