Oshea Russell is a model and personal trainer in Virginia. Originally from Toledo, OH, Oshea Russell has been in a Guess ad campaign and is largely known for being on Love & Hip Hop as Erica Dixon’s love interest after breaking up with Scrappy. During his time on the show he was recovering from a car accident. The photos of his torn leg are pretty graphic but he went on to a full recovery, something important for a person who trains as much as he does. He’s lucky in that sense as well known New York personal trainer Courtney Paul from Bravo’s Work Out series got arthritis in his shoulder that started affecting his ability to train and do his job. In a recent video shared to his Facebook page, Oshea points out that he had 5 surgeries, 2 broken bones, cut open knee, spite open elbow, 60 stitches and 35 staples and is now all healed. Not only has he fully recuperated but just a year ago he ranked top in the world in USA Masters’ Track and Field, quite the impressive feat.

If you’re wondering what it takes to look like he does, Oshea quotes Beyonce saying he didn’t wake up like this but hard work every day does it. You’ll see many trainers talk about eating clean but you’d be surprised to see him eating McDonalds. We’re pretty sure he makes up for it in the gym.

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