It can be considered rude to introduce a man by his wife, such as the case with Mr. Mariah CareyNick Cannon, but that’s what happens when you’re married to a big name and especially a Bad Girls Club alumni. This is definitely the case with our latest Eye Candy model Jacob Payne, aka Mr. Natalie Nunn.

He’s a former football player with the Arizona Rattlers that’s now helping raise his newborn with Natalie. These days most of his social media involves him promoting his wife, which is commendable but Jacob’s still quite a handsome man. Of course his wife knows this as she just had a baby by him, but he definitely has modeling potential.

He has a younger, less meathead David Mackintosh look that if he marketed it more, it could take him far in his post football days. Also, in 2016 he went on a fitness tour with his wife named No Payne No Gain. No sure if he has continued it but that’s definitely a good look for him. Meanwhile, we do have to admit him and Natalie Nunn make a cute couple and we wish them both luck in raising their new baby.

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Photo & Video Credit: Jacob Payne/Instagram