Calvin Myers is a personal chef probably known as much for his cooking in New York as he is his body. And the cooking is so great, even as a vegetarian it’s making me want to try meat… and 100% won’t feel bad about it either. When he isn’t working on meal prep, cooking classes and cooking it up in the kitchen for his clients, he’s apparently being a great father as well. One of his sons sent him an adorable photo collage thanking him for being a great dad and inspiration to others.

The Brooklyn chef is also a class act. As someone who has had to cover a number of fitness models and people in similar shape, Calvin’s a working man, responsible and doesn’t debase himself for the sake of clickbait and easy money and we appreciate him for it. And we know he doesn’t because we looked for any debasement and couldn’t find any lol. Lastly, if you’re looking to get like him, because we’re sure a number of guys out there are looking at his body with envy, just yesterday he announced he’s doing fitness training for those interested, so fellas, you officially have no excuse. As he said, he offers the best of both words with cooking and workout instruction.

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Photo & Video Credit: Calvin Myers/Instagram