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Rico Hundo is a model and rapper we’ve followed for a few years and never had the chance to cover him. We were excited to see Essence Magazine cover him, naming him as one of their “Top 18 Zaddies on Instagram.” We felt a little jealous that we didn’t cover him first, but that’s what happens when you wait, right? He definitely deserves it and it isn’t as though it came without work. In an interview last year with Talk Media Africa, he said he’s never home. He’s usually either working on music, his body, simply put, something to perfect his craft, and it’s showing.

Rico got into modeling by extension of networking related to his music career. He said even college football didn’t prepare him for the awkward positions he had to be in for his first shoot. As for the body of his; if you’re interested in finding out what he does to get it, he says he’s in the gym for anywhere between 1 to 4 hours 6 days a week so he definitely did not wake up like that. And in the end, it’s all worked out because he modeled for Cardi B’s album cover so that intersectionality between music and modeling apparently has officially gotten him into that circle he’s spoken about that makes getting around the industry that much easier. At least we’re hoping so. He has the drive and definitely deserves it.

Glitzers, check out artist and model Rico Hundo below:
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Photo Credit: Rico Hundo/Instagram