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In biblical times, David was the the greatest of the kings of Israel and defined in Hebrew as being beloved. In a recent ad for the LGBT web series Triangle, he is advertised as Mr. Fix It. (By he way, we would tell you about the show, but we couldn’t find anything written about it.) That isn’t a name you get for not being liked. When he isn’t being the show’s tight bodied eye candy, he apparently has a ConnectPal account. For those who don’t know the significance of this, a lot of would be artists and Instagram celebs use this video service meant for preachers and fitness trainers to sell their dirtiest videos of themselves for $5.99 a month. He’s also a rapper who just released his first album, Price of a Crown: Then & Now. We haven’t signed up for his ConnectPal, but if his music career doesn’t work out, at least he has those videos to keep him afloat.

Glitzers, check out Triangle star Kvng David below:
Instagram | ConnectPal