Mechie’s known by many as Blac Chyna’s ex who dated for a period of time and appeared in a sex tape with her. But some of us remember Mechie before then. For one, he’s from our hometown of DC and if you’re a milleniel there, you likely have heard of him when he was in the group 4Ey. Mechie’s always been fine and had an ever changing style, which is what we like about him, but seeing him after he’s gotten in the gym lately has just been extra icing on the cake. And he knows this about himself because anyone who can put in their bio that their “great looks” has people wanting to hear more, they have to be confident in themselves.

He was voted Most Popular in high school which was a mantle he carried into college, doing an interview talking about how he had sex with a college professor of his once while he was in school. Hey, that’s everyone’s dream to do in school, right? So why not? And how did that end? He never returned to class and when he did he showed up to sleep. Yep, sounds about right. But those days are over for him, because he’s been seeing an artist named Kellie Sweet… but then again in an interview, she said “if you want to get a bad b*tch, go ahead.” He did however say they were just having fun, but they’re cute together, just the same.

As for future work of his, he hasn’t signed a deal yet, because he says he knows his worth but is working on material now. He has a listening session coming up soon and tv shows, and tours later in the year he says he isn’t able to talk about, plus he has merchandise he’s been working on that’s on its way soon. We’re going to be keeping up with Mechie. He’s come a long way over the years and definitely on the cusp of his career really taking off right now.

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