Photo Credit: Malik Medley

Malik Medley’s an Ellicott City, MD model and our latest #EyeCandy pick. He’s quite the viewers’ pick we have to say because after seeing him shoot with a lot of the regular known photographers in the male modeling world such as ThePhotoChase and CNG Photography, etc., and seeing his pictures circulate for some time, we said it’s about time we cover him ourselves. now for a little about him, he’s 6’1, 175 and says that contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t have any h*es. He said since everyone thinks they’re going to be h*e number 94 instead of 1 or 2, he doesn’t have any because they’re apparently afraid to shoot their shot. He’s also single and from reading posts of his, he’s clearly signaled what he wants. And since his nickname is FreakyMeek500, that has to stand for something, too, right?

He has a startling deep voice that’s bound to get your attention, might we add. And thought he might be from Ellicott City, that’s the greater Baltimore area and we can tell because he’s got that Baltimore accent. What’s the tell-tell sign? They all pronounce their “U”s the same. lol. And did we mention he was in a photoshoot titled Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans by ThePhotoChase? That actually sums up his image quite perfectly. We’re sure he probably has caused a sex dream or two in his time.

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