Giampaolo Calvaresi, a black calisthenics athlete who also goes by the name of Showtime Gp is a black athlete in Italy known for his unbelievably amazing fitness ability. His expertise, calisthenics is the form of exercising that doesn’t involve exercise equipment. he showcased his skills on Italia’s Got Talent hence his name Showtime GP. He shows off a level of command over his body that’s unmatched. And speaking of his body, he was on the cover of Men’s Health Italy this past winter for their December 2017/January 2018 issue.

Something else worth noting is how much of a rarity he is given the fact in most of his pics he’s the only black guy around making him literally in a league of his own. He works out outside with full audiences standing around watching him do things on gymnastic bars that we can only imagine what injuries the rest of us would get if we to so much as attempt them. This is why this amazing guy is our latest Eye Candy pick.

Glitzers, check out our latest Eye Candy pick Giampaolo Calvaresi below:
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