Photo Credit: Johnny Middleton/Instagram

Johnny Middlebrooks a gem we found in Virginia that’s a University of Maine Track & Field star. He’s a stylish guy who’s constantly receiving the attention of fashion brand owners and even some reality stars on his Instagram account with many asking why he isn’t modeling. He even refers to himself as ‘Champagne Papi,’ which not everyone can pull off but he does it well himself. He appears to be from Chesapeake, VA so hopefully someone from the area can help set him up in modeling. He’s definitely got it. This has been an eventful summer for him as he just turned 21 and posted that’s he locked down with a girlfriend as of the 4th of July which if you’re able to do in the middle of the summer, it’s serious. With everyone proclaiming about having Hot Girl, City Girl and Hot Boy summers, entering a relationship smack dab in the middle shows a level of commitment.

We’ve seen a quite a few “God, you’re beautiful” comments about him in his comments, which if you’re wondering how to catch some of the same drip of his, for one, he cuts his own hair. That’s a special talent that doesn’t exactly work for everyone so he gets our credit for that. Also, he squats lifting 430 pounds. *blank stare* And we already told you he’s confident. One of the captions of his photos is a Will Smith quote which seems to be a good description of him, saying “I know who I am, I know what I believe, and that’s all I need to know,” meaning unlike many others who come across as reeling and desperate for either attention and ranting about missed opportunities, this guy’s got it and he’s going to go far. We’ve also covered a number of Instagram models and socialites and he’s far more attractive and talented leaps and bounds over many of the known names out there.

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Photo & Video Credit: Johnny Middleton/Instagram