Photo Credit: Jeff Cutts/Instagram

Jeff Cutts is what he calls a top tier athlete and model. That assertion shows he’s confident in himself but when you have a body of work and a body to back that up, it’s understood. Well-traveled, educated, athletic, ambitious and well-rounded are all words he’s used to describe himself. He earns a couple more points for having brains AND body. It puts the Valentine’s Day shoot he did at the Mayflower Hotel in DC that much more in perspective knowing the fantasy isn’t just with some dumb jock. But if role playing is your thing, he actually serves as a DC police officer when he isn’t modeling. It’ll make you rethink the whole f*ck the police thing. lol. He’s also a former marine so he’s just hitting all those fantasy spots. Oh, and he’s got a baby, too. Always something, isn’t it? Ha. But he does work as a fitness trainer available for booking for those who want to get their body right. He looks like he knows what he’s doing, so book him today, folks.

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