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Mateo Tyler is a yoga enthusiast in Atlanta who if you were to see him in action, you would never believe he’s been doing yoga for less than one year. For full disclosure, when he first began he already had an insanely ripped body which we’re sure helps when trying to hold your stance in insane positions. During his journey of becoming a yoga master, he says there are days s where staying home and practicing yoga was much more appealing than going out which shows the guy’s got discipline.

He’s also said that he and the gym have a love hate relationship. Most would say there is no way you can look like that without loving being in the gym, but it’s good to see someone being honest about what it takes to stay in shape. He did, however say he was in love with yoga. Given the instagram page dedicated to him yoga, that’s pretty much implid.

“Never give up. It’s okay to take a break. Know the difference between taking a break and procrastinating. If you really want it, put in the damn work” is the advice he has for others looking to get exercise pointers from him. He also expresses the importance of meditation stating we get so caught up in the things around us that we forget about the things within us.

One thing we haven’t seen Mateo mention much is his dating life, but he did say he was coming to DC for Memorial weekend, which happens to be the same time as Black Gay Pride in DC… or he could just be super patriotic. Hmm

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Photo & Video Credit: Mateo Tyler/Instagram