Today’s Eye Candy pick is Youtuber and model Dalton Jackson. Mostly known for his chiseled body and enormous social media following, Dalton currently models for the underwear brand Skull and Bones. For those who look at him wondering if he’s into stripping, you are at luck as he has plenty of that for your viewing pleasure between his YouTube, SnapChat and Instagram accounts.

In a Q&A session on his YouTube channel he spoke about how he lost his virginity which he described as a 3 second event where it felt so good he panicked, immediately pulled out and doesn’t remember what happened after. When asked what he’s mixed with, he says he’s half white and half black which means he has a huge d***… in his words, of course. But for those who want to see it, it’s actually on with him posing as “Taylor Black.” He has truly embraced both sides of his ethnicity growing up listening to alternative rock in middle school and becoming a rap fan later on listening to Childish Gambino and ASAP Rocky mostly these days. His idol is Brad Pitt which lead him to buying a pitt bull that he named Brad. We see what you did there Dalton. Well played.

Glitzers, check out our latest eye candy pick Dalton Jackson below and follow him on social media:

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