Photo Credit: EyeHatePhil/Instagram; Junior Jeannot/Instagram; Deven Hubbard/Instagram

Three of our favorite Eye Candy picks have all had children the last few months inspiring us to do an Eye Candy #Zaddy edition to highlight these melanin kings. First is Deven Hubbard. He’s particularly an internet favorite since he was 18. We took our eyes off of him for 2 seconds and he’s gone out, gotten a girl and literally got a girl because they just had a baby girl together last week. They started a Youtube channel together a month ago and he kicked it off with a Q&A video discussing their relationship with him baby oiled up, expecting us to pay attention. If we had a candidate for reality television, it would be Deven. People like following him, they love talking about him, we’re constantly asked about him and at 21, outside of basketball, he’s made himself one of the more known Instagram models.
Deven Hubbard: Instagram

EyeHatePhil is an Atlanta area rapper and model we’ve covered since his time in Houston. He was on MTV’s dating show Game of Clones recently, he’s appeared in Kash Doll’s video On Read, walked in a DTLR fashion show for a Nipsey Hussle tribute and just created a Youtube channel of his own recently. The channel is actually his second, as his first is for MilkGang Entertainment, represented by him and his brother, rapper and model D Stone. The new Youtube channel is comprised of him and his girl Allie. They’re 6 episodes in with the latest being the introduction of their son Phoenix to the world. And when we say he took us on the journey to the baby being here, the actual birthing of the baby was caught on. This just might be the first time we’ve seen the actual thing happen before.
EyeHatePhil: Instagram

And lastly we have Junior Jeannot. He’s a Hatian model from Ft. Lauderdale and goes by the name of Mr. Amazing. He recently appeared in Haitian singer Flav Gabel’s music video Solo Mio or our favorite of him in a recent Beware Swimwear fashion show and multiple shows for Mimis Boutique and Bèl Moun Lakay. He’s been blessing our timelines with abs, chest and dreads for years and now has a son to share his good looks with. He already announced that his baby’s going to have some abs coming soon. If his dad’s any indication of what’s to come, he has some good looks to look forward to in the future. And he’ll have enough workout videos and thirst traps of his dad to watch to get pointers from. Now he might not explicitly post thirst traps, but flexing in the gym kind of qualifies as such by default… well, at least when he does it.
Junior Jeanot: Instagram