Photo Credit: Fabolous/Instagram

Rapper Fabolous was indicted back in October of 2018 of 1 count of domestic violence against his girlfriend with significant bodily injury, 2 counts of threatening to kill and 1 count of possession of a weapon, a pair of scissors following a March 2018 arrest for fighting his girlfriend Emily Bustamante. The unfortunate part of it all is that there’s video of him threatening her that certainly helped him face 20 years in prison, that is until today when he struck a plead deal.

According to the Bergen County, NJ court, he’ll be entering into a pretrial intervention program and will have his charges dropped so long as he stays out of trouble for the next 12 months. Updates will have to be given to the court once a month according to his attorney Brian Neary. He also won’t have to take any therapy or anger management courses. This is amazing for someone who’s been accused of knocking a woman’s front teeth out as Bustamante claims. He at least paid to have her teeth fixed. Ironically he just had his own done months prior after some 15+ years since he first rapped about having a chipped tooth.

As for the status of their relationship, they started patching things up the day after the incident. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson and this doesn’t become a repeat offense.