Photo Credit: Falynn Guobadia/Instagram

Just when this Porsha Williams and Falynn Guobadia sister wife drama with this man they were secretly playing tug of war with couldn’t get juicier, the punches just keep on coming. Now Falynn’s got text messages from her ex Simon Guobadia about how he secured a top defamation lawyer and essentially is going to get her for all she’s worth.

This was about an interview she’s having this evening. Then he posted a camera screenshot of a man coming to his home to pick his wife up and have sex with her numerous times. 

Now here’s where the man responded, something we certainly didn’t expect to happen so quickly. Jalynn Banks spoke to TheShadeRoom about what happened.  “This is not news to Simon,” he told the outlet. “He has taken some random footage that Falynn has access to as well and has spinned it into lies.” He went on to say, “At that time, I was not only her best friend but also her assistant,” he said. “I was there for a whole week (which Simon knew about). I even have my own quarters in the home which is located on the first floor down the hall from the kitchen. I am very aware of all of the cameras that cover the home as I was present when the house was under construction.”

Now any man who says he’s a woman’s best friend to her husband most likely is gay. That’s just where we’re going with this because no straight man’s doing that. Aside from that, we know being on reality television is a lot of work and why a lot of people have assistants on these shows even if they don’t have them in real life. So from a production standpoint, him living in the house makes sense. But this certainly was a juicy wrench thrown into things. Now one has to ask, since we now know of this, is there some truth to it? I mean, he’s not bad looking. I could see it happening.

Simon has accused her of cheating and even said she was pregnant by this man in the run up of this show and even tagged him.

And for the interview that Simon was trying his best to block from having aired…