Photo Credit: Nicki Minaj/Instagram

It’s been months since Nicki Minaj has been on Instagram and at least a month for Twitter and given the way people have been coming at her about her husband, can you blame her? She’s had to turn the comments off to keep from hearing about his rap sheet around the clock. And besides, she needs to focus on having a happy baby. Remember how Cardi B kept deleting her account because of negativity she was receiving while pregnant? Well Minaj’ a little older and one would hope at near 40 she wouldn’t be having those problems. She’s learned to compartmentalize.

As for having a healthy baby, it appears she may have already done that and not told anyone. Her mother posted a pic from Minaj’ announcement in July that involved a David La Chappelle shoot saying that motherhood already looked good on Minaj. In fact, her exact words were, “Is it too late to post a #WCW? Thank you @david_lachapelle for capturing my heart on the outside. Onika has always been so nurturing , caring, loving, bold, beautiful, God-fearing and selfless… motherhood already looks beautiful on you!”

If true that Minaj has already had her baby, this would be the second time someone has inadvertently shared something about her pregnancy. one was when celebrity doorknob Celina Powell revealed she was having a girl saying she was eavesdropping on a phone call with Tekashi69 at the time and heard it. By the way, we know what was going on there. She said Minaj was on the phone with Lil Wayne who said the baby’s gender. And then there’s this. We’re pretty inclined to think this is true since mothers simply can’t wait to tell their children’s business. And if she did have the baby, we’re happy for Minaj. She long expressed her desire to get married and have a baby and she’s finally done it.