Photo Credit: Adele/Instagram

Adele went on social media sobbing and crying saying her Vegas Residency wasn’t ready and had to be postponed until further notice Thursday, less than 24 hours to showtime blaming COVID infections on her team. Almost immediately, while people felt sympathy for her, a knee jerk reaction news anchors and the like was how did she not know about this before? Unless you’ve been reckless and not testing a soul until the night before, that’s about the only way this could have happened and we simply don’t see that happening.

All shows from January to April have been cancelled. Fans who spent in upwards of thousands for tickets have until mid-February to get a gull cash refund or hold on to them for rescheduled dates. But that’s not acceptable for those who flew into the country spending money on room and board. Though Caesars Palace is offering full refunds for rooms, fans are reporting that because they are cancelling within 24 hours of opening night, they’re not being allowed refunds.

L.A. designer Dawn Sinko spent almost $4,000 for tickets and $1,500 for 3 nights in his room at Caesars. The hotel’s refunding her the second and third nights but not the first. “This is just insanity. I’d understand if it was a different hotel but it’s the hotel where the event that was canceled is happening,” she said. She added that while she couldn’t ever hate Adele, she believes something else has to be at play and not just COVID among her team.

‘If Adele knew she was canceling, why did she wait until the last second? It still would have been horrible but even two or three days earlier would have made a difference. I was packed and checked in for my flight, and I’m by no means the worst case.’

We have a feeling that something really bad happened if not just her nerves. Adele’s a perfectionist. That’s well known. It’s so well known that that’s what The Sun is reporting as the cause for the show cancelling.  It’s reported that she wanted a low key production and her management wanted her to perform with a 60 member choir.  Roger Freidman reported that he knew something was wrong by the 18th when there were hundreds of tickets on a resale website.  He wrote, “The whole Adele Vegas residency is a disaster. But ‘We ain’t ready’ at the last minute doesn’t hold water. This isn’t the Rolling Stones stage show. Adele live is her, an orchestra and some lighting. She’s not sailing across the theatre in a hook-up, there are no pyrotechnics. Plus, let’s face it… this is only two shows per weekend.

We think there’s some truth to that. And whatever happened, it’s going to be bad enough she’s going to be forced to do some sit down talk about before others start talking as it affects the names of more than just her.