Photo Credit: Fat Joe/instagram

Rapper Fat Joe just turned 52 over the summer and announced he’s going to be doing his own one man stand up comedy show about his life soon. One thing that’s not quite so funny in his life going on right now is the fact that he had to sue his CPA Andre N. Chammas and his assistant Vanessa Rodriguez with with the Chicago firm BDO for a multitude of ways they defrauded him.

He says it started after Rodriguez was fired he noticed his wife Lorena’s name being used for a slew of unauthorized purchases from $40K in charges for Uber rides and UberEats deliveries, as well as tuition payments for Rodriguez’s daughter. He also says his business Sneaker Addict Touring was missing $300,000 in deposits with other entities having the same issue.

He’s also accusing the firm of running a ponzi scheme where others that were defrauded include Jose Iglesias of Colorado Rockies, Luis Garcia of the Houston Astros and former Chicago White Sox player Dayan Viciedo. He says AMEX accounts were made under all of their names with money being moved back and forth between them to keep the scheme going. So far none of the other names are suing, just him. We’ll see how this turns out because BDO is a major name that runs commercials throughout the day. This was be a huge deal if this is found to be a common practice of theirs. The 5th largest bank commercial bank in the U.S. Bancorp was just slapped with a nearly $40 million fine for doing just this this summer.