Photo Credit: Faze Banks/Instagram

Famous Youtuber, eSports player and founder of the Faze Clan, Faze Banks just added his name to the hall of fame of celebrities trashing their Vegas hotel rooms. The event took place on October 14th, days before his 28th birthday and the police were called to his room at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas where there was smashed furniture, holes in the walls, a smashed window, broken lamp stand, pictures ripped off the wall, stains on the carpet and more. Even the potted plants were destroyed along with the flatscreen that had something thrown at it. The damages are said to have amounted to $30,000 which means a likely charge of felony malicious destruction of property. Lucky for him he has money and so long as the damages are paid for he probably won’t serve a day in prison. His team has already released a statement saying, “FaZe Clan and Encore are working together to resolve this matter.”

No charges have been filed yet but Banks has the money to pay for the damages. If you don’t know who Faze is, he’s over an eSports team of over 100 members worth $16 million with over 5 million Youtube subscribers. His own Youtube channel has over a million subscribers, plus he’s a producer, composer and songwriter. He has some rage compilation videos out there which if you saw them, it might be understandable why his hotel room ended up the way it did. Him and his ex Alissa Violet broke up after she spoke about the two of them getting into a fight once on social media and his anger is legendary and paramount to his videos. One thing we can say is that of all the rage videos he has, if him damaging his hotel room made it on video, that will be Youtube gold for years to come. He still needs to work on that rage though. It’s totally not healthy.