Photo Credit: Felicity Huffman/Instagram

Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman was spotted in her prison uniform Saturday, October 19th while being visited by her family. Seen adjusting her fitted hat, likely to attempt to conceal her identity from cameras, she was walking freely through the parking lot without any type of Security escort. Her 69 year old husband William H. Macy and 19 year old daughter Sophia, who she did all of this were waiting to see her. The Dublin, CA facility is approximately 90 mins from their home in L.A. They shouldn’t be too worried with how she’s doing as she’s in the same prison as the Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss and will have sunbathing, board games, coffee etc. to look forward to during her time there.

She’s now 6 days down with 7 left of her 13 day sentence. Fleiss even said she shouldn’t have trouble there. In fact, if anything, people will likely be nice to her because they’ll likely want something from her upon their release, like a job. As for the daily routine of having to be up at 6:30 every day and 10:30 on weekends, Fleiss said, “It’s really easy. Look she’s an adult, she’s married, she has kids, she’s a mother. It’s not like you’re taking a Kardashian and changing up their life or something.” She adds, “[She’s] not staying up [all] night partying with her husband.”

Prior to prison, Huffman was going to therapy with her family to get through their scandal. She might have few hundred hours of community service to complete for the legal system but we’re she’s going to have equally as much if not more therapy to repair things after putting this permanent stain on her child’s name. We wish her and her family the best from here on.