Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Felicity Huffman’s in high demand these days but not for acting. People want to know why the *expletive* she did what she did. Unless you’ve been under a rock the last few months, she just served a 2 week sentence for spending $15,000 in the nation’s largest college cheating scandal. And it wasn’t even two weeks. She managed to get out 3 days early with her sentence reduced not once but twice. *side eye* But now she’s seeing CNN’s Anderson Cooper, CBS’s Gayle King, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos all fighting over her for that first interview once she’s ready to open up about her real life Desperate Housewives re-enactment.

The pitch from Gayle King was that her show was less salacious than the others and honestly, given the severity of what she did and the public backlash, that’s a good selling point. If she so much as cracks a smile following “Good morning” exchanges that very well could be the end of her career. Moreover, one thing that’s been ruled out over the years is a Desperate Housewives film and that’s because it’s been said that they covered everything. That’s partially true since there was an episode where Huffman’s character engaged not only in a bribe but one for the exact same amount she bribed the college cheating ring facilitator. But we feel this needs to be revisited, maybe in a Lifetime documentary about the desperate lives of the dozens of wealthy families that bribed in upwards of a half million like Lori Loughlin did. Who are we kidding? Someone out there is working on it, for sure and we’re going to be here to cover it.