Photo Credit: Fetty Wap/Instagram

There’s something about Vegas that seems to attract fights, and we’re not talking about in the ring. Rapper Fetty Wap was taken in yesterday for giving the old 1-2-punch to valet there. Sources say they got into an altercation before he issued 3 punches. Another staff member at the Mirage Hotel and Casino where it took place committed a citizen’s arrest and held him until police arrived. He was booked for three counts of misdemeanor battery for each hit and released a few hours later. He has court coming up soon to review what happened.

And this isn’t his only recent violent event. Over the summer he was caught on film being asked to hit a woman again, apparently showing he had been doing it earlier. At the time, he invited a girl over to an Airbnb to see him after a video shoot, only for her to find out other women would be there. That’s when it all started. The police report stated he manhandled the woman. And then there’s the Texas show he had where he ended his set early resulting in chants of “F*ck your set.” After being told by a fan that they paid $40 to come see him, he responded by reaching into his pocket and throwing cash out into the audience.

He was recently found to have 50 Cent as an ally of his coming to his defense when a fan said he had fallen off. Fifty said he was experiencing “contract issues” and that it would be enough to make anyone “not want to make music,” because if you’d remember he announced he was quitting music. Lucky for fans he just released the video to his track Bruce Wayne so it seems he’s changed his mind. And in response, Fetty said, “Uncle Fif? Man, he been showing love, you feel me?” Fetty said. “Any time he call for me, I’ll be pulling up and shit. And I bring my own money,” he added with a smile. “I don’t be trying to borrow money. I don’t wanna owe nobody no money. I got child support to pay.” And that last part is important because at this point we all know how 50 is about his money.