Photo Credit: Greg YM/Instagram

Greg YM is a fitness influencer and the type that if you were to write down who you would want to help you get in shape, he fits the description to a t. And he’s someone who has everything going for him in the looks and career department. He’s held a few endorsements already so what could go wrong? Well he had the wrong opinion on George Floyd’s death. He said we’d have a lot less police brutality if people just complied.

There’s a common misconception among some people who feel our justice system is completely fair and surely all instances of police abuse must be justified. That’s absolutely not the case and we could go into plenty of detail case by case and city by city. While trying to explain himself, he said he wasn’t black but Puerto Rican and that people think he’s black. Well, that’s all the more reason to realize you can have your a** whooped assuming you’re black. Even worse.

Well after Greg got dragged all across the internet, screenshots of footage of him with his d*ck in his hand started circulating which was bad enough for him to deactivate his Twitter. It’s okay, Greg. We’ve seen enough d*cks on the internet these days that a leak of someone, even a person we know doesn’t phase us anymore. It’s a scandal. You said something stupid and we then had the joy of seeing your d*ck afterwards. Pick up a book, read it and then leak some more footage for us because what we have isn’t so clear. Just saying.