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When we first heard of Corey Corey, also known as BubblePoppa, he was described as the infamous Bubblepoppa and we felt bad for not knowing the name. Corey’s a fitness model who has been featured by Tibo Norman who has some of the best bodies on display that you’re likely to see. He’s also been in fashion shows with designer Adrian Alicea for NY Fashion Week, UnTamed Magazine among others. Corey mentioned once that in the grocery store someone made a comment about skinny people as a slight jab at him but he shut them up after lifting his shirt. As for the nickname of BubblePoppa, to say he had a big d*ck would be an understatement. He’s a masseuse who loves teasing his followers with short clips of him doing nude massages. There’s a few videos of him in action that are quite impressive as well.

Check out Corey Corey aka BubblePoppa below and make sure you follow him on social media: